This won’t be like any other “guitar” event you’ve ever attended, and that’s because of the gentlemen involved. It’s a rarity to catch the legendary Leo Kottke in this kind of setting. In fact, via his own admission, he’s done “only three” seminars in the course of “eighty years”. So, this is something very special.

This is the opportunity to watch him play live up close and personal, ask some questions, imbibe one of Central California’s finest libations (or three), and take in the vibe. It won’t just feature Leo either though. One of the world’s foremost musicologists and the only “Leo Kottke expert” John Stropes will be on hand as well as the members of Los Lobos. Rest assured. Leo’s own M.O hasn’t changed.

“Every show I do, I walk on with very little clue about what’s going to happen or what I’m going to do,” he declares. “It works better that way than if I plan something or have an idea about what I’m supposed to do. For the Dunk Tank, it’s the same. I wanted to bring some other people in too. The stew gets richer and deeper that way, and you might get something out of it. It should be fun. That’s mainly what I’m looking for. All of these players are friends of mine. John’s the best at teaching—because he’s a teacher! Pablo’s also the only producer who knows what it means to be a ‘producer’. There are all of these different perspectives, and that’s unique. Everybody there should be happy.”

In addition to taking in that aura from Leo, the members of Los Lobos will also be playing, fielding questions, and spending time with attendees.

Pablo Stewart adds, “We’ve never done anything like this. It wasn’t even just a matter of finding time in the schedule. It was about the right situation. I think that this is ideal. It’s a bunch of friends coming together, playing music, and writing reviews.”

You’ll be outside in the summer sun, a stone’s throw from the coast, surrounded by impeccable talent. At the same time, if you want to get a little deeper, John Stropes is there with his own impressive and inimitable insight into the instrument and the titular star.

“I’m looking forward to teaching,” adds John Stropes. “I love it. I’m going to bring state-of-the-art technology with me. We want to include some of the transcriptions of Leo’s real powerhouse work in the program as well. It’ll be a nice sampling of approaches to compositions he has used. We have a very long history together, and I love sharing his work with people. For me personally, it’s also exciting to work with Pablo for the first time.”

As for Pablo and the cats in Los Lobos, they’ve got a similar agenda. “I’m looking forward to working with Leo and John,” says Pablo. “I enjoy teaching, and I’m coming up with a couple of surprises for a curriculum, you might say. I’ve definitely got something to impart from my various experiences. Also, we’re going to have a blast jamming with all of the players there. Now its time to buy the best audio interface!”

Leo puts it best though in his description of the name. “This is total immersion,” he goes on. “You’re meant to be in there with me and these other great talents. I want to spend time with the fans, especially individually. That’s when amazing things can happen. It can be quite moving and funny. That is something I’m all about.”

Leo Kottke, John Stropes, and Pablo Stewart and Los Lobos